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Consultation, Investigation, Diagnosis and Management of Infectious Diseases

Consultation and personalised treatement of infectious diseases at Rophi ClinicFever is a common ailment and it is often self-limiting. A consultation with the infectious diseases physician is recommended when it appears prolonged or has unusual presentations (eg rash, dizziness, joint aches).

Infectious diseases are often multi-systemic, eg joint pain may be a manifestation of pneumonia, sexually transmitted disease, an insect bite or blood poisoning.  Only through a detailed assessment would the diagnosis become apparent. The consultation recognises that no disease is the same between two individuals. Epidemiological risk  (occupation and hobbies), and individual risks (eg age, existing diseases and medications) will modify the risks and severity of illness.

Treatment is personalised as dosages of drugs varies between individuals of different ages, different weight and constitution.

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