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AIDS / HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis

HIV post exposure prophylaxis is available at the clinic based on the risk profile of the exposure. The specialist will stratify the risk, and advise accordingly. Post-exposure prophylaxis must be taken as soon as possible, and preferably within 48 hours of exposure for best results.

The specialist will discuss the risk for exposure to other sexually transmitted diseases.


AIDS / HIV management at Rophi Clinic, SingaporeCare of HIV / AIDS is very specialised. The specialist takes into account pre-existing comorbidities and the extent of the HIV disease before recommending the most appropriate therapy. Unlike HIV in Singapore 15-20 years ago, people are now living and growing old with HIV. Current literature shows that individuals may live as long as an uninfected individual (Charlotte Lewden et al. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. 2007, September 1;46(1):72-7).

Our specialist emphasizes personalised care and attention for the patient. The patient walks this journey together with the doctor, hand in hand. With full cooperation and compliance, the focus is no longer on the stigma and death, but on living normally, stronger and better then before.

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