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Clarification on blog post by Redwire Singapore on 29 August 2016

It has come to my attention that Redwire has misquoted me and accused
me of slaming the government for their Zika response (posted by Redwire
on 29 August 2016 “Infectious Diseases Expert Slams MOH for
Sluggishness: “First Zika Infection was Detected in May”)

This is taken out of context, and appears to justify the personal
agenda of redwire whilst using my name.

I have written in and demanded they take down this post immediately.

The focus is getting Singapore well, protecting the citizens, and not
play the blame game. The change is now that the disease is mild,
unlike sars which we knew of. The gate keepers, who are now the family
physicians, must be aware that Zika is mild and we must investigate
them, especially in a cluster.

I am saddened that Redwire has resorted to these steps to gain readership.

Dr Leong Hoe Nam

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